Healthcare System Consultant

Healthcare System Design

Designed a newborn screening (NBS) system for the State from concept to user requirements to technical, functional and system requirements. Conducted demonstrations from 8 different companies, within the NBS sector and new entrants, to enable stakeholders to understand how their new system would function. The new system will replace 6 current NBS systems and connect with the state birth certificate records for a comprehensive record of each baby born in in the state.  Led cross functional stakeholders in requirements gathering and specifying the technical, functional and system requirements.

NBS Design

Improving Infant and Maternal Mortality Rates

Improving Maternal and Neonatal Survival through System Design and Scaling

Foundation – Vaccine development and Surveillance


State Newborn Screening system

Strategy consultant

Technology Manager

Product Development from concept, design, development, testing, manufacturing and release of Medical device level I, II and III devices.  I managed the product development of the following commercial medical devices software and hardware.

  • Oxyginator
  • Pulse Oximeter
  • Health Watch
  • Monitors
  • Anesthesia and Ventilators
  • Defibrillators
  • Image Processing Software

Innovation Entrepreneur

Design of healthcare products from concept to requirements of innovative products from medical devices to complete systems

  • Oxyginator
  • Pulse Oximeter
  • Health Watch
  • NBS system

Regulatory Consultant

Healthcare/Medical Software, Class I, II and III medical devices

Data Modeling (Descriptive and Predictive Analytics)

Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to model artificial neural networks for diagnosis and classification of Dyspahgia

  • Neural networks for recognition of acceleration patterns during swallowing and coughing

  • Modeling of Neural networks for classification of diseases of the lung
    • Accepted for publication in June 2108

System dynamics models in Vensim to understand the long term effects of different strategy in Healthcare delivery


Medical Interoperability

Connecting medical devices  and EHR/EMR software to reduce clinical time and potential errors


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